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Loss Control 360 is the most widely used inspection management platform with over 19 loss control inspection companies in the US and Canada. We build our software for one thing: Insurance Inspections. Scroll down to see how our web-based inspection management platform can cut costs, lower time service, and provide better reports.

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We are experienced in migrating companies of all types and sizes from existing platforms to LC360 as well as growing start-up businesses into established inspection companies. Our clients include both regional and national firms, and complete a variety of work including personal lines, commercial, high value, mobile home, and telephone surveys. Monthly volumes range from a few hundred inspections to upwards of 50,000 reports. We are the most used insurance inspection management platform in the industry with over 19 inspection companies in the US and Canada.

  • We work with you and your team to set appropriate expectations and develop a logical rollout plan that we execute together to get your system up and running smoothly.
  • Our training staff will help you learn LC360 inside and out so you can initiate client setup, user maintenance, and form building on your own without the need for IT or programming resources. We’re also available to help facilitate a smooth transition for office staff, inspectors, and client users.
  • LC360’s built-in dynamic form builder allows you to reproduce your existing inspection forms in-house with improved validation, recommendation insertion, and hazard scoring. Custom report outputs and branding are also available.
  • Multiple levels of both internal and client users allow LC360 to work well for all kinds of organizations.
  • During the implementation process and thereafter, we continue as your IT partner, releasing regularly scheduled updates, adding features to benefit all clients, trace feedback, and help you to grow while increasing efficiencies.
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Manage your business more effectively utilizing LC360’s searching and reporting tools for greater transparency and staff management.

  • Ordering options include a secure, online ordering page or bulk ordering through a spreadsheet or client integration.
  • Optional auto-assignment feature selects an appropriate inspector based on skill sets and territories.
  • Improved inspector reporting using validated forms, integrated replacement cost tools, diagramming, and photo uploading.
  • Full quality review workflow and reporting with automatic, built-in queue management using priority date rules and skill sets.
  • Multiple options are available for custom output and final report delivery to clients.
  • Online client access allows users to order and review inspections completed for their underwriters as well as run robust custom management reports.
  • Automatic calculation of billing and pay with full QuickBooks integration.

Our fast, simple inspector interface helps inspectors generate reports with better accuracy.

  • Automatic inspection assignment and email and text notifications keep inspectors' queues full and alert them of new work instantly.
  • Tools for queue management help automate ticket printing, scheduling, routing, and management updating on work status.
  • Photo management tool allows for bulk resizing, uploading, labeling, sorting, and editing.
  • Integrated diagramming and replacement cost tools save time and eliminate double data entry.
  • Custom forms can be validated to help inspectors answer questions correctly the first time, automate recommendations, and only list relevant questions.
  • Automated quality checking ensures all rules are followed for forms, photos, and recommendations.

LC360 helps automate your QA department, prioritizing their review queue, routing inspections based on reviewer skill sets, and providing the ability for QA to rate inspector quality ratings and reject.

  • Robust inspection priority rules ensure the most urgent work is completed first by your QA staff.
  • Entire report can be edited by reviewer including forms, photos, recommendations, sketches, and output. All changes are tracked and can be reviewed by senior management.
  • QA has the ability to rate each piece they review, which can then be reported on by senior management.
  • Reviewers have the ability to transfer or escalate inspections to other QA staff or management and to reject work back to inspectors.
  • Full management reporting against all QA functions for better staff and inspector management.

Improve your clients' experience with custom ordering and delivery options and the ability to view inspections and run management reports on an intuitive online interface allowing them to easily adapt to their unique underwriting guidelines.

  • Ability to build custom forms for each client gives you ultimate flexibility to collect the data your client needs.
  • Custom integrations available to accept any file format for automated ordering. A simple, secure webpage is also available for manual ordering.
  • Clients can enjoy a variety of final report delivery options including email, FTP, or online access.
  • Full searching and sorting capabilities allow clients to locate inspections, check status, add notes, and download files.
  • Full underwriter review process allows client to sort and review cases based on greatest potential risk as well as track and report on actions they took against each policy.
  • Each inspection reviewed by your client can be rated on quality and returned to you for corrections to help track quality and improve customer relations.
  • Clients can use custom or built-in management reporting to better track time service, quality, hazard counts, and recommendations.
  • Full data export capabilities to help clients with data mining and reporting.
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Customizable and highly robust data capture and form building ensures accuracy of data ahead of it being sent back. This is achieved by implementing risk scoring, validation, recommendations, and quality review.

LC360 provides your client with a customized list of hazardous conditions and respective degrees of severity. The individualized score totals assess the level of risk, which can be customized to specific clients to mesh with underwriting guidelines.

  • Scores are tied to form answers and automatically generated.
  • Offer a snapshot of potential risk on not only single inspections, but multiple risks determined through management reports.

Utilizing the LC360 form builder you can ensure complete and accurate forms from the field to reduce quality review time.

  • You choose which questions are mandatory for proper form completion.
  • Warnings for inspectors and reviewers of rare but acceptable form values (Example: Building built prior to 1850).
  • Prevents inspectors from submitting unacceptable values.

Our built-in form building tool allows even non-technical users to create and edit forms on the fly as your clients request changes.

  • User-friendly form builder is simple enough for anyone to use and powerful enough to meet all your needs.
  • The form builder can build almost any form. For those forms that require a little something extra, custom-built forms are also available.
  • All the forms in the system work together, sharing data when applicable and checking themselves against your custom rules, validations, and requirements.

LC360 allows for manual recommendations on-the-fly and maintains a client-specific recommendation database that inspectors can insert from as needed.

  • Inspectors can insert recommendations manually or automatically into reports.
  • Automatic recommendation insert is based on questions and answers on on your customized forms.
  • Recommendations are categorized based on the severity level and type.
  • Our system automatically generates client-specific, custom-branded recommendation letters in Microsoft Word format.

Our intelligent quality review process provides efficiency for both large and small organizations alike.

  • Automatic routing of different inspections to the appropriate reviewer is based on skill sets, assigned inspectors, due dates, and more. QA staff can be allowed to put inspections on hold or transfer inspections to senior reviewers.
  • Reviewers have the ability to rate your inspectors on multiple factors which are fully reportable.
  • Full rejection process allows reviewers to return work to inspectors.
  • Detailed reporting on Q/A throughput, time service, and average time per report are all made available for big-picture assessment.
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Making your organization more efficient, LC360 reduces and eliminates many of your current manual and clerical processes.

Automatic or efficient manual assignment can significantly reduce time spent assigning work for better time service.

  • Auto-assign uses criteria such as zip code territory, skill sets, and current workloads for distribution to the appropriate inspector the moment the inspection is ordered.
  • Efficient manual assignment uses advanced searching and mapping to assign individual or multiple inspections, quickly and easily.
  • Optional receiving process is available for inspections that need special handling before going into the field.

LC360 has a proven workflow specific to insurance inspections to ensure inspection tracking from the time it's ordered through completion.

  • Workflow is optimized, allowing you to easily find cases in need of attention.
  • Statuses highlight:
    • Work received and/or needs assignment
    • Inspector progress tracking
    • Quality review process and inspector rejections
    • Delivery to clients
    • Rejection from clients

Users can opt in for text message and email notifications to keep abreast of any system changes as soon as they happen.

  • Staff can automatically push high priority messages on inspections directly to field staff or inspector managers.
  • Inspectors can be notified of a wide range of developments, including inspections assigned and unassigned.
  • Notification templates can be customized, allowing you to choose what information is included with each type of notification.

Basic keyword and advanced searching allows you to find inspections in the system using everything from very broad to highly-specific criteria.

  • Keyword searching allows you to find inspections using full or partial matches on such items as an insured's name, address, phone number, policy number, and inspection number.
  • Advanced searching allows you to search using categories such as clients, inspection types, agencies, date ranges, statuses, etc.
  • Advanced location searching is available using integrated mapping.
  • All search results are outputted to a highly customizable inspection grid with additional sorting, Excel-friendly exporting, and mapping.

Our suite of managing reports gives you the ability to assess time service, quality, and P&L (profit and loss). Additional client-facing management reports give your client a snapshot of ITV, hazards, recommendations, and agency performance.

  • Custom reports can be made and published to your site for any data collected in the the system.
  • Access to over 30 included reports.
  • Reports can be run on-demand or scheduled to run automatically.

Our robust form building tool allows business users to quickly and easily create and edit custom forms for clients with no programming resources needed.

  • Changes can be made on-the-fly to quickly meet client needs.
  • Customizable form options include hazard-scoring, recommendations, and show/hide relevant sections based on answers given.
  • Improve the quality of data using many kinds of validation to ensure the report is correctly completed the first time.
  • A variety of output options are available to give reports a unique, custom look.
  • Several hard-coded forms are built-in for special purposes such as diagramming and replacement cost calculation. See our Integration section for additional information.

Extensive use of aerial, bird's eye, and Bing mapping throughout the application helps you with searching, assignment, and overall location awareness of risks.

  • Ability to legally use bird's eye imagery in final reports.
  • Visual map-based assignment with full-screen interactive mapping indicates the proximity of risks to each other, as well as the locations of inspectors.
  • Map-based searching allows you to find inspectors and inspections using a selectable area on the map.
  • Integrated address-scrubbing provides accurate, parcel-level latitude and longitude.

Our highly customizable accounting setup allows you to have billing and payments automatically calculated with the option to sync with QuickBooks. Criteria for billing and payments can be as simple or complex as you need.

  • Ability to use flat-rate, hourly, and per-form billing and payments.
  • Use geographic regions and custom tiers to further customize billing and payments.
  • Ability to override fees for special situations.
  • Quick and easy accounting review process to sort anomalies and general invoices and payments, which can then be synced with QuickBooks.
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LC360 has many integrations with common loss control tools including E2Value, ISO360 Value, MSB, RapidSketch, RiskMeter, and Bing Maps. Custom integrations are also available for ImageRight, client ordering, policy management systems, and other applications.

Improve client experience by allowing them to order via a secure order web page, excel spreadsheet, or fully custom integration.

  • Secure online order page allows clients to choose only the inspection types and forms you allow them to order.
  • Online order page features duplicate checker, address-scrubbing, and mapping to help users place orders correctly.
  • Clients can order in batch using Excel, XML, comma-delimited text document, or other custom formats.
  • Custom integration with policy management system allows for automated, direct ordering from their in-house systems.
  • Multiple intergation options for passing data back including ImageRight, FTP, Excel, web servcies, and flat files.

Full integration with all standard replacement cost calculation tools significantly reduces double-data entry and increases productivity.

  • Tools include MSB RCT, BVS, and BVS AG, ISO 360 Value, and E2 Value Residential and Farm.
  • Listed materials and sections can be customized globally or per client.
  • Inspectors fill out the actual calc form in LC360 which can then be edited and ran by QA with no additional work.
  • Integration gives you instant results for R/C, ACV and ITV.
  • Fully integrated diagramming tool calculates area on-the-fly, maintaining editability through the review process and including the sketch in final report.
  • Automatic calculation of area and perimeter reduces math related errors.
  • Area templates, symbols, and labels can be customized and changed at anytime throughout the process.
  • Works with Windows desktop/tablet version, iPad app, and Android Tablet Sketcher.
  • Automatically passes useful sketch data to other areas of the report.
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Loss Control 360 is a flexible platform that can bend to suit almost any need. There's a lot more to know if you are interested. Ready to find out more?

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